New Eagle’s Control Module Naming Scheme

The New Eagle part naming scheme is broken into the following:

  • type of control module
  • type of microprocessor
  • number of pins
  • model year & variant
  • version
  • mounting feet option

Example:  ECM-0565-128-0701-C-M

  • ECM – The model in the above example is an ECM (Engine Control Module) as opposed to a GCM (General Control Module), HCM (Hydraulic Control Module), etc.
  • 0565 – The above module has a MPC565 Microprocessor.
  • 128 – The example module has 128 pins.
  • 0701 – In the above example, the control model has a model year of 2007 and is the first variant.
  • – Controllers may be Calibratable (‘C’), Flash (‘F’), or both (no label). The above example is calibratable.
  • M – ‘M’ means mounting feet are included, as the above example indicates. If the part number does not end in a ‘M’, the module will not come with feet.