Raptor Training

New Eagle offers Raptor Training in the following ways:

  • Video Training Online – This is a step-by-step video training series that can be utilized at your own pace online. It consisting of 20 short videos covering topics ranging from initial product overviews, installation and licensing…to building, programming, and troubleshooting software. What a great way get a jump start and gain experience using the tools from the comfort of your office!
  • In-Person Training – The In-person training class can be held at the New Eagle location or at the site of your choice–all led by our team of experienced system engineers. This type of instruction provides hands-on training which enables the new practitioner to gain familiarity with the Raptor platform by building, deploying, calibrating, and refining real world control applications. The training is an intensive three-day course that introduce users to Raptor development tools, general Embedded Systems and Model-Based Controls Engineering.
  • Virtual Raptor Training – This live dynamic class is designed for advanced users well-acquainted with Raptor development and Simulink. What a convenient way to learn all about the built-in Raptor capabilities that can help you sidestep costly delays and frustrating mistakes on your path to production. This is a 1-day, hands-on class lead by an experienced New Eagle Application Engineer.  Stream from anywhere, live online!

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