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Maintenance and Support

New Eagle provides software.neweagle.net for users to download Raptor Products, report issues, and track new features. A user account will need to be created to login into the site. Once logged in the user will be able to see all the latest versions of Raptor Products with a link to download.

We always recommend that customers keep their maintenance up to date so they have access to the latest features, fixes and support.

Software Maintenance is the most cost-effective way to protect a software investment and gain the greatest value from your Raptor® products. Software Maintenance allows the user to keep your software up-to-date. Additionally, software maintenance gives access standard support.

Standard Support is provided for software products for the current purchased release and one thereafter. For example, if the current release is 2017b, then support is provided for 2016a/b and 2017a/b. If a prior release must be used, support can be provided via an application engineering support contract. Many customers choose to purchase additional Engineering Support (see below) to cover what is not included with Standard Support.

Look for our webinars to broadcast changes and plans for current and future releases.

Software Maintenance

·       Licenses are non-ending permission to use the software. Maintenance is optional.

·       A license includes two major software releases as well as the ability to request big fixes, receive software support, and to request new/improved software features. For example, if a license is purchased during latest version 2016a, version 2016b is also included.

·       Maintenance purchases allow for two additional major release updates. For example, If a 2016a license is purchased, Maintenance may be purchased to extend support and software versions to 2017a & 2017b.

·       Annual Maintenance purchases are required to maintain eligibility for purchasing Maintenance. For example, if a 2016a license is purchased and Maintenance is not purchased before the release of 2017a, the user must purchase a new license for software 2017b and later. Additionally, software support is not available for users that do not purchase Maintenance.

Our software products include support to customers with active software maintenance for up to two years’ worth of prior releases.  As an example, if the current Raptor release level is 2018b, support is included for Raptor versions 2017a and newer.

Raptor Releases
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However, even if you are using an older release outside of the two-year window, support (while not included) can still be purchased through an application engineering support contract. This is not unusual for our customers that are in production as tool versions may be locked down based for risk management issues.

  • The Early Days

Back in the early days of PC software, you had to purchase programs that came on installer disks or disk sets. You would use those programs until they were no longer needed, or until an upgrade became available. If software was buggy, you had to wait to repurchase the next version from developers.

Often, software programs had certain compatibility requirements, like a particular operating system or version of tools like MATLAB.  If requirements weren’t met, the software may not work properly, if at all. This was frustrating. Especially if you wanted to update your operating system or other tools. Doing this could mean waiting for a compatible software release or repurchasing expensive software to meet your new requirements.

This wasn’t just frustrating for customers. It was frustrating for software vendors. Even if vendors created compatible software variants, the process of storing and shipping installer disks to customers was expensive and time-consuming. It didn’t take long to see that the technological evolution outpaced this process. Everyone–customers and software vendors alike–needed a better, expedited process. Then came the dawn of the internet age.

  • Software Maintenance Today

Today, you no longer need disks as you can access files from anywhere, at any time on the internet. Because of this, software development is booming, with programs growing more and more complex as they respond to customer feedback and needs at a much faster pace.

Now that software versions are rolling out faster than ever, a pre-internet version-by-version software payment model no longer works. Vendors find themselves facing a new challenge:

How can we get the latest versions of our software to customers, while keeping prices reasonable?

One solution many turn to is a payment model known as software maintenance. Instead of paying for each new major software release separately, customers purchase a software license where they can pay a flat, scheduled “software maintenance fee.” For many licenses – similar to the ones we use at New Eagle for our Raptor tools – the first year of software maintenance is included.  

This maintenance payment model assures that your original license investment keeps its value while providing you access to the latest software releases, features, and tool versions. The maintenance fee becomes a fraction of the original license cost after the first year and allows you to continue to keep your software up-to-date and maintain your license value.  Keeping your maintenance current provides access to standard product support for the interval under which the product is generally supported.  

Purchase Maintenance

Standard Support

·       Products are intended to be used by an experienced engineer in mechatronics, controls and embedded engineering. The purchase of training and applications engineering is encouraged especially to get started using the tools.

·       Products are intended to be used by an experienced engineer in mechatronics, controls and embedded engineering. The purchase of training and applications engineering is encouraged especially to get started using the tools.

·       New purchases and maintenance purchases (licenses under maintenance) have the ability to submit problems and make feature requests of the product (defined as “standard support”), but are not entitled to applications consulting which is defined as extensive installation support, general troubleshooting, and information about general usage of MathWorks, Raptor, embedded hardware and/or software issues. Support in these areas are provided via application support contracts that are sold via monthly retainers, time and material consulting, or via a production supply agreement for modules.

·       Current customers are entitled to the ability to download additional documentation for trouble shooting and applications support, and the wiki.

·       Customers are encouraged to attend a training class from New Eagle or a qualified partner, or use the consulting contract as a means to gain experience with the product. For information on the training course, visit Training

·       Customers are encouraged to participate in or watch the webinars that are open for training and learning of the product.

·       Customers with up to date software licenses can use software.neweagle.net

Why Purchase Engineering Support?

Many customers choose to purchase engineering support to cover what is not included with standard product support. They do this to maximize their efforts and reduce their cost. This approach helps you get the most out of your engineering team and engineering  software products for three key reasons:

  1. These complex software tools have a learning curve. Engineering support can help you overcome any challenges you meet.  
  2. These tools have a lot of detail. Sometimes an experienced sounding-board is helpful for understanding what capabilities are at your fingertips.
  3. Engineers that use these tools are expensive. Keeping your engineering team moving forward with access to experienced practitioners can help them navigate both the tools and your application issues quickly so your team can maximize their time and minimize your project’s labor cost.

In short, software maintenance and engineering support is the most cost-effective way to protect your software investment and gain the most value from products like Raptor.

New Eagle has qualified developers and engineers readily available to help you get the most out of powerful tools and prevent expensive project-hold ups due to software knowledge gaps. We always recommend that customers keep their maintenance up to date so they have access to the latest features, fixes, and support. If you are a Raptor user, be sure to contact us to ensure your software is up to date.

Purchase Engineering Support

To learn more about software maintenance fees, engineering support, and New Eagle’s Raptor platform, contact our team and [click here] to watch a short video introducing Raptor.