New Eagle’s Multiplexed Power Distribution Module (MPDM) offers economical CAN Network oversight for 12 and 24V highpower circuits in vehicle power distribution and network electronics. This ruggedized module may be configured to provide various OEM circuit protection and switching functions, using industry standard fuses, relays, and breakers, with the status and control of each circuit accessible through J1939/CAN open messages. Waterproof to high pressure spraying, this module is designed and manufactured with robust features, such as heavy-duty housing, silicon and Gortex gasketing, and protective conformal coated electronics. This can operate in demanding environments, such as those found in construction, agriculture, heavy truck, bus, RV, marine, and specialty vehicle markets. With various options already available, this module can also be customized and configured to OEM wiring requirements. It accepts relays, fuses, circuit breakers, resistors, diodes, etc. based on the industry standard 2.8mm footprint. The software also works with Raptor. New Eagle offers a pre-programmed application library to facilitate seamless integration with systems being developed on the same platform.

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