The New Eagle™ Vehicle Power Interface Module (VPIM) provides the necessary circuitry to interface with Electric or Plug-In Hybrid Electric (EV/PHEV) vehicles charging equipment in accordance with the SAE J1772 specification. The VPIM allows the vehicle systems and ECUs that require a low current “Sleep” mode to be managed externally by the VPIM. The VPIM monitors the charging interface inputs and provides an output signal that can drive an external “Wake Up” signal to the related vehicle systems.

The VPIM also supplies feedback in the form of conditioned PWM and Analog signals to the vehicle system(s) which control the flow of energy from the charger to the vehicle. The analog feedback is output in the form of a 0V to 5V DC signal proportional to the duty cycle of the PWM Input. Also, a PWM feedback is available which rectifies the SAE J1772 /- 12V PWM signal into a 0 – 9V(max) PWM signal that can be read by most standard ECUs.

The VPIM provides a path to control the state of the off board charging station. When a pin on the VPIM is asserted to ground via a low-side drive or relay by the ECU, the charge station will provide the Level 1 or Level 2 charging voltage.

Features include:

– Operating Voltage: 8-30 VDC
– J1772 Hardware Interface
– Low Current Consumption < 10mA
– Operating Temperatures ranging from -40°C to 105°C

In an EV with an on-board charger, why is the VPIM required? Some on-board chargers are not up to date on the J1772 specification. The VPIM allows the charge station contactors to activate, thus enabling charge voltage to be applied to the vehicle.

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Data Sheet

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