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Kvaser Leaf Pro HS v2 is an evolution of the Leaf family that bring programmability to user’s fingertips, as well as CAN with Flexible Data-Rate (CAN FD). Kvaser’s Pro versions boast a high transmit capability that meets the needs of CAN FD frames. It also supports customization using Kvaser’s t programming language. For example, users can run a t program to speed up file transfer protocols or to emulate ECUs and other devices by generating traffic and handling protocols. This model has a standard 9-pin DSUB, bus is also available with a 16-pin OBDII connector.


Additional information


# CAN Channels



40-1000 kbps

Mps Receive

20,000 mps

Msp Sending

20,000 mps

Datalog to SD Card

Temperature Range

-40-85° C

IP 65 Rating

Galvanized Iso





CAN Bus Connection

D-SUB 9-pin



Weight 1 lbs

Data Sheet

Data Sheet

Single-Channel Kvaser Table

ThumbnailSKUName (click on link)WeightPrice# CAN ChannelsBitrateMps ReceiveMsp SendingCAN Bus ConnectionPC-ConnectionDatalog to SD CardTemperature RangeIP 65 RatingGalvanized Iso
KVASER U100KVASER CAN/CAN FD to USB1 lbs$459.00110-1000 kbps20,000 mps20,000 mpsD-SUB 9-pinUSB--40-85° CIP67Yes
KVASER 509-9KVASER LEAF PROFESSIONAL RUGGED HS1 lbs$946.00105-1000 kbps20,000 mps20,000 mpsD-SUB 9-pinUSB--40-85° CIP65Yes
KVASER 732-1KVASER LEAF LIGHT HS v2 OBDII1 lbs$315.00140-1000 kbps8,000 mps8,000 mpsJ1962USB--20-75° C-Yes
NE-USB-CAN-001SINGLE CHANNEL USB TO CAN INTERFACE1 lbs$315.00140-1000 kbps8,000 mps8,000 mpsD-SUB 9-pinUSB--20-75° C-Yes
KVASER 915-8KVASER LEAF LIGHT HS v2 J1939-13 TYPE II1 lbs$315.00140-1000 kbps8,000 mps8,000 mpsJ1939USB--20-70° C-Yes
KVASER 881-6KVASER LEAF LIGHT HS v2 M121 lbs$315.00140-1000 kbps8,000 mps8,000 mpsM12 5-pinUSB--20-70° C-Yes
KVASER 269-2KVASER LEAF PROFESSIONAL LIN1 lbs$415.00101-20 kbps--D-SUB 9-pinUSB--40-85° C-Yes
KVASER 513-6KVASER MEMORATOR LIGHT HS1 lbs$553.00110-1000 kbps20,000 mps-D-SUB 9-pinUSB--40-85° C--
KVASER 843-4KVASER LEAF PRO HS v21 lbs$742.00140-1000 kbps20,000 mps20,000 mpsD-SUB 9-pinUSB--40-85° C-Yes
KVASER 671-3KVASER BLACKBIRD V21 lbs$922.00140-1000 kbps15,000 mps15,000 mpsD-SUB 9-pinWIFI--40-70° C-Yes
KVASER OEM LEAFKVASER OEM LEAF SINGLE CHANNEL USB 1.0 CAN CABLE1 lbs$195.00140-1000 kbps8,000 mps8,000 mpsD-SUB 9-pinUSB 1.0--20-75° C--
KVASER 389-7KVASER LINX J15871 lbs$325.00101-20 kbps2,000 mps2,000 mpsJ1587USB--20-75° C--
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