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Kvaser develops interfaces and data loggers for any flavor of CAN and CAN related buses to meet customer system requirements. The Kvaser USB to CAN devices are the approved products of MotoHawk. Kvaser tools are easy to use, accurate and state-of-the-art. Rigorous quality assurance and control processes for both hardware and software ensures that Kvaser delivers a user-friendly and up-to-date tool. Also using Kvaser products is recommended to be used with MotoHawk applications because it is all compatible and other tools may not be compatible. Kvaser products are also very cost effective. The Kvaser USB to CAN cables are compatible with USB 3.0 ports, but not with USB/ eSATA ports.

Kvasers hardware interfaces can be used throughout the product cycle, for development, simulation, test, and other maintenance of CAN networks and related. All Kvaser Hardware is designed to perform at their optimum in industrial or automotive temperature ranges, while some are specifically ruggedized to endure the most hostile of environments.

The The Kvaser U100 is a robust, single-channel CAN/CAN FD to USB interface with reinforced galvanic isolation that squarely addresses the needs of the evolving automotive development market. Fully compatible with J1939, CANopen, NMEA 2000® and DeviceNet, this is the first in a new range of interfaces that is also suited to rugged applications in marine, industrial, heavy duty vehicle and heavy industries.

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# CAN Channels



10-1000 kbps

Mps Receive

20,000 mps

Msp Sending

20,000 mps

Datalog to SD Card

Temperature Range

-40-85° C

IP 65 Rating


Galvanized Iso





CAN Bus Connection

D-SUB 9-pin





Weight 1 lbs

Data Sheet

Data Sheet

Single-Channel Kvaser Table

ThumbnailSKUName (click on link)WeightPrice# CAN ChannelsBitrateMps ReceiveMsp SendingCAN Bus ConnectionPC-ConnectionDatalog to SD CardTemperature RangeIP 65 RatingGalvanized Iso
KVASER U100KVASER CAN/CAN FD to USB1 lbs$459.00110-1000 kbps20,000 mps20,000 mpsD-SUB 9-pinUSB--40-85° CIP67Yes
KVASER 509-9KVASER LEAF PROFESSIONAL RUGGED HS1 lbs$946.00105-1000 kbps20,000 mps20,000 mpsD-SUB 9-pinUSB--40-85° CIP65Yes
KVASER 732-1KVASER LEAF LIGHT HS v2 OBDII1 lbs$315.00140-1000 kbps8,000 mps8,000 mpsJ1962USB--20-75° C-Yes
NE-USB-CAN-001SINGLE CHANNEL USB TO CAN INTERFACE1 lbs$315.00140-1000 kbps8,000 mps8,000 mpsD-SUB 9-pinUSB--20-75° C-Yes
KVASER 915-8KVASER LEAF LIGHT HS v2 J1939-13 TYPE II1 lbs$315.00140-1000 kbps8,000 mps8,000 mpsJ1939USB--20-70° C-Yes
KVASER 881-6KVASER LEAF LIGHT HS v2 M121 lbs$315.00140-1000 kbps8,000 mps8,000 mpsM12 5-pinUSB--20-70° C-Yes
KVASER 269-2KVASER LEAF PROFESSIONAL LIN1 lbs$415.00101-20 kbps--D-SUB 9-pinUSB--40-85° C-Yes
KVASER 513-6KVASER MEMORATOR LIGHT HS1 lbs$553.00110-1000 kbps20,000 mps-D-SUB 9-pinUSB--40-85° C--
KVASER 843-4KVASER LEAF PRO HS v21 lbs$742.00140-1000 kbps20,000 mps20,000 mpsD-SUB 9-pinUSB--40-85° C-Yes
KVASER 671-3KVASER BLACKBIRD V21 lbs$922.00140-1000 kbps15,000 mps15,000 mpsD-SUB 9-pinWIFI--40-70° C-Yes
KVASER OEM LEAFKVASER OEM LEAF SINGLE CHANNEL USB 1.0 CAN CABLE1 lbs$195.00140-1000 kbps8,000 mps8,000 mpsD-SUB 9-pinUSB 1.0--20-75° C--
KVASER 389-7KVASER LINX J15871 lbs$325.00101-20 kbps2,000 mps2,000 mpsJ1587USB--20-75° C--
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